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State Business Survey

2015 State Business Survey

What do South Australian businesses think about the cost of doing business in South Australia? What are the key issues for the State Government and the future of our state economy? These were just some of the questions put to small to medium business owners, directors and senior managers as part of the BDO State Business Survey 2015.

We received 250 responses, providing excellent insight into the state of South Australia’s small to medium enterprise (SME) community; and the necessary areas for reform. Thank you to all the respondents and our supporters, including business and industry associations, who shared the survey throughout their networks. Your considered responses have provided valuable input towards supporting the future of South Australian business.

We will continue to facilitate discussion and debate on the issues raised through the survey, advocating on behalf of South Australian business.

Download the 2015 BDO SA State Business Survey.

State Tax Review - Discussion Paper

In February 2015, the State Government released a ‘Your Say’’ discussion papers (Discussion Paper) to promote an informed debate on state taxation reform. Proposed reforms are far-reaching and have the potential to significantly change the state taxation environment for SMEs in South Australia.

Through our 2015 State Business Survey, BDO is committed to engaging with SMEs to seek feedback and comment from the business community on proposed changes to state taxation measures.
We’ve identified Payroll Tax as the state-based tax which has the most impact on business and have focused our analysis on this core taxation measure. Importantly, more than 62% of South Australian SMEs surveyed would like to see an increase in GST, combined with meaningful decreases in state taxation. While a majority of businesses that support increasing the GST would like to see an increase of less than 5%, more than 18% of business respondents would be happy with a GST increase of greater than 5%.

The concept of reducing overall state taxation in favour of increasing the GST is a real option for South Australian business.

For more information on the State Tax Review visit: Tax review in South Australia - yourSAy.