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Dynamic industry intelligence for hospitality venues

What if you could benchmark your hospitality business’ performance against like businesses to see how you’re tracking each week? How would you use the insights to adapt your trading strategy and business decisions to current market fluctuations?

The BDO Food and Beverage Index is the only resource that gives you access to Australian hospitality market intelligence on a weekly basis, free-of-charge. The Food and Beverage Index tracks the weekly percentage change in food and beverage sales statistics across four key industry-wide categories and collates the statistics overall. The categories include:

  • Restaurants: full-service, dine-in restaurants including fine dining
  • Cafes: quick-casual, often limited-service, serving light meals or baked goods, coffee and drinks
  • Fast food: fast or take-away ready foods, delivery, chains and franchises
  • Hotels, pubs, bars, and clubs: licensed, nightclubs, entertainment venues, sports clubs and RSL clubs
  • Overall: an industry average obtained by collating the results of the above categories.

Powerful insights to inform your decisions

Collating information from thousands of hospitality venues across the country using anonymous data from point-of-sale software providers, the Food and Beverage Index presents a clear view of weekly hospitality trends, fluctuations and underlying trading conditions which enables the decision makers of hospitality venues, investors and market analysts to:

  • Track movements in sales against the industry average
  • Benchmark sales against other businesses in the same category
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the trading cycle
  • Inform procurement, operational and financial decisions
  • Take immediate action if your business is not meeting the market.

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