What it's really like working at BDO Australia

28 November 2016

The heart of our business isn’t about numbers and spreadsheets – it is about people - and BDO is committed to providing an environment for our Partners and staff that enables them to work to their full potential, yet also accommodate their interests and commitments outside of BDO.

The core attributes that make up BDO’s employer brand are:

Career Development Empowerment Collaborative and personal
Career Development Empowerment Collaborative and personal
Committed to making great career and development opportunities happen. Freedom to succeed in an environment where development and ongoing learning is valued and promoted. A collaborative culture where you're a name not a number.
Flexibility Growing global firm
Flexibility A growing global firm
Recognition that your career with us is just one important aspect of your life. A strong local presence together with a global reach and global opportunities.

Through our focus on providing and developing these core attributes, we are able to provide an employment experience for our people that is appealing, compelling and clearly sets us apart from other employers.

The best way to demonstrate the personal experiences of our BDO team members is to hear from them directly.


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A growing global firm