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Corporate & International Transactions

Through our BDO international network in over 110 countries we are able to provide extensive global reach, enabling us to assist you in maximising worldwide opportunities and implementing globally integrated tax solutions.

Corporate transactions are complicated and common pitfalls abound. But there are also significant opportunities available, ranging from a number of capital gains tax roll-overs and other concessions and reliefs, to structuring opportunities.

Our tax experts are experienced in advising on these major transactions. We understand the transactions and the commercial and tax implications arising from them and we work closely with our corporate finance colleagues to provide complete and seamless advice on transactions.

Key business issues

  • Do you have significant cross-border and tax haven dealings?
  • Are you thinking of entering into a large transaction and you unsure of its tax outcome?
  • Could your financing arrangements be better structured to ensure the deductibility of your financing costs?
  • Do you require a local contact point for your overseas operation?

How we can help you?

BDO provides corporate transaction assistance in a number of ways including:

Mergers and acquisitions

When undertaking a merger or acquisition, a company needs a range of services, from advice on how to structure the transaction to due diligence of the potential target. For a seller, the tax implications of the sale must be understood.

Our tax experts specialise in providing these services. We understand the structuring needs of each party and the outcomes that each party wants to achieve. We also undertake the due diligence to ensure that there are no hidden tax surprises from the transaction.

Other corporate finance transactions

Our tax experts work closely with our corporate finance experts on other corporate finance transactions, such as capital raisings and listings, to ensure that the tax issues are fully understood.

Corporate reconstructions

Many corporate groups are complicated and it is not uncommon for a group to try to restructure. While this might be part of or caused by a merger or acquisition, a reconstruction may just be an internal reorganisation designed to reduce the complexity of a group.

Reorganisations can come with a tax cost, either capital gains tax or stamp duty. Our tax experts advise clients on any reorganisation to ensure that there are no unnecessary costs, and assist with the drafting of any relevant applications or elections.

Inbound and outbound investments

Australia is part of a global market and there is a significant flow of capital across borders. Several foreign enterprises make investments into Australia while many Australians look offshore for their investment opportunities. Our tax experts advise on cross-border investments, on the choice of entity and the mode of investment, and on the tax implications that arise on the cross-border flow of funds.

Financial products

The taxation of financial products is complex and unclear. After several decades of study, it appears that the government may finally enact the final tranches of its 'taxation of financial arrangements' regime. This will completely change the nature of the taxation of financial instruments and, like the 'foreign exchange gains and losses' and the 'debt and equity rules' before them, will create unnecessary complications for the ordinary taxpayer. Our tax experts are knowledgeable in these rules and advise on the tax implications from such products, enabling taxpayers to understand their tax obligations on a year-by-year basis.

Key Contacts

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