• Conclusion


It is a challenging time to run a business. Australian SMEs know this all too well, as they feel the effects of growing competition and fluctuating market conditions. But there are big opportunities ahead for companies able to innovate and rise to the challenge.

Understandably, economic headwinds have affected most companies. But there is something reassuringly foundational and inspirational about these habits to achieving exceptional growth potential. Highly effective companies:

  • Have a clear road map for growth that they are happy to adapt as conditions change
  • Appoint leaders who collaborate with experts and are guided by their accountants
  • Invest in technology and innovation
  • Focus on sales growth when not preoccupied by more pressing matters
  • Work hard to acquire the right staff and advisers
  • Invest in improving financial literacy.

Naturally, these are not hard and fast rules. A company does not need to undertake all of them to be successful. But they are intuitively good practices for any business that wants to be highly effective. The more you can make them habits in your business, the more likely you will be to succeed.

BDO Drive

Times are challenging, but there are more avenues and opportunities for businesses to grow and be successful.

BDO knows first-hand the difficulties of a growing business and a changing structure. It can be hard but the important point is to focus on the opportunities. Being able to change and understand the market is key to success.

BDODrive is BDO’s solution. Whether you are an SME, an emerging business or a high growth organisation, if you’re looking for advisers who will help you grow your business, BDODrive can help. It is our way to provide companies, especially those that are privately owned, with a specialist tailored advisory service that can grow with your business. It’s not just about offering compliance or accounting services - we aim to understand you and your business’ goals and objectives, and use our experience to help advise you.

BDODrive’s unique combination of information, insights and intelligence will empower you to make the right choices. With the right tools and team behind you, everything – from day-to-day financial decisions to long term business planning – starts working better and becomes more aligned to your goals.

Whether you’re starting out, growing up or looking ahead, your BDO Adviser is there for you, every step of the way.