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BDO is proud to launch our 2022 ESG webinar series, covering the following topics:




16 March

Demystifying the ESG process

This webinar examines the impact ESG is having on organisations and will provide guidance for those embarking on their ESG journey.

12 April

Applying a framework to ESG reporting

Provides guidance on how to select an appropriate standard for your organisation’s ESG reporting and examines the growing popularity of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB).

10 May

Stakeholder engagement in the ESG process

Examines the factors that drive value when conducting a materiality assessment for your organisation’s ESG reporting.

10 June

Measure to manage: sustainability reporting

This webinar looks at how to select and measure appropriate ESG targets.

15 July

Pulling it all together: delivering your ESG report

Guidance on how to put your best ESG foot forward on your corporate reports, including managing stakeholder expectations.

17 August

Assurance over your ESG report

As ESG reporting standards mature and converge, how will you continue to satisfy growing stakeholder expectations that your reporting is robust, accurate and paints a true picture of your performance?

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