• Financial education program

Financial education for founders and CEOs of startups and scaleups

The BDO for Startups team offers a 12 month financial education and business growth program exclusively for founders and CEOs of early stage, high growth companies. It is ideal for founders who want to improve their financial literacy and accelerate their business growth through early stage (seed to Series A) investment. Our mission is to back founders like you, and help you and your company be continually scalable, investable and saleable.

What you’ll learn

Our 12 topics guide you through the key foundations of business success:

12 Startup topics

“I feel a lot of startups start their journey and it becomes so overwhelming they crumble down. I’m forever grateful that I feel safe in my startup knowing that whatever is in the future, I’m going to be okay because BDO has my back.”

- Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-founder, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale

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Who should attend?

This program is suitable for founders and CEOs of startups/scaleups who are:

  • Pre-revenue with early (angel/seed) investment
  • Post-revenue looking to raise an angel/seed investment round
  • Social enterprises looking to scale both capacity and impact
  • Boot strapping startups with more than $200,000 ARR and looking to grow
  • Looking to raise a Series A investment round.

Workshop structure

  • Financial education – Learn the basics of CEO financial management
  • Board of advice – Bring your strategic challenges to the peer-led advisory board session for feedback and support
  • Masterclass – Learn and connect with investors, successful founders and startup professionals
  • Accountability – One-on-one accountability calls with the BDO for Startups team to keep you on track

Want to learn more?

To find out how our financial education program can help you drive growth for your business and equip you with the skills you need for success, contact the BDO for Startups team.

Our financial education program is delivered in partnership with our financial education partner, Acceler8.

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