• Economic and Social Indicators for Queensland’s Commercial Fisheries

Queensland Commercial Fisheries Economic and Social Indicators project

Commercial Fishers Survey

The commercial fisher survey closed in 2019. Thank you for participating. The Charter Fisher survey will take place later in 2020.

Fisheries Queensland has engaged BDO EconSearch to collect data and produce economic and social indicators for Queensland’s commercial fisheries. BDO EconSearch are an independent group of economists with extensive experience producing economic and social indicators for fisheries in South Australia and other states.

Read a summary of the media release: BDO Econsearch to assess contribution of Queensland’s commercial fisheries.

Our economic and social indicator reports for South Australia’s commercial fisheries can be download here: SA Fisheries Reports.

View more information for the Charter Fishing sector here.


  • The Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017–2027 (SFS) foundational reform number 1 promotes improving Fisheries Queensland monitoring and research
  • Action 1.5 under the foundational reform describes that Fisheries Queensland will develop and implement a practical and cost-effective system to collect economic and social data
  • In the consultation developing the SFS, stakeholders communicated that they thought economic and social information about their fisheries should be used in setting management objectives and making management decisions
  • Economic and social indicators will provide valuable data for fisheries management, the fishing industry and external stakeholders and will estimate both the direct and flow-on economic contributions of each fishery to Queensland, including processing
  • While many indicators can be applied to all fishing sectors (i.e. charter, commercial, Indigenous and recreational), some indicators are only relevant to a specific sector
  • The list of economic and social indicators was presented to fisheries working groups, industry associations and the SFS expert panel to prompt comments
  • These indicators will be further refined and data collection is expected to start in September 2019
  • Data provided to BDO EconSearch will be kept confidential and only provided to Fisheries Queensland as aggregated results or as agreed in writing with the participant
  • Fisheries Queensland also intends to collect fishery data from Indigenous fishers. To determine the most suitable way to collect this information, they are intending to work in collaboration with Indigenous groups, researchers and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) Indigenous Reference Group
  • Fisheries Queensland will also collect economic and social data from recreational fishers through the statewide recreational fishing survey and the boat ramp surveys.

Further Information

Travel dates

We will be travelling to selected ports to meet with and assist any licence owner with completing the survey. Please contact us if you would like to meet with us during these visits to discuss and complete the survey with a representative.

  • Gold Coast, Brisbane and Mooloolaba - 16 to 27 September
  • Bundaberg - 30 September to 1 October
  • Gladstone - 2 October to 4 October
  • Mackay - 8 to 9 October
  • Townsville - 10 to 11 October
  • Cairns - 21 to 24 October
  • Karumba - 3 to 10 October.


The commercial fisher survey closed in 2019. Thank you for participating. The Charter Fisher survey will take place later in 2020.

You are also welcome to contact Fisheries Queensland or visit their website for more information.

BDO EconSearch
08 7324 6190

Fisheries Queensland
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