• Product Pricing

Price to Deliver a Profit

From: 15 August 2019
To: 15 August 2019
Time: 09:00 - 16:30
BDO Brisbane
Level 10, 12 Creek St
Brisbane, Queensland  4000
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Rebecca White
  • Summary

Pricing a product or service is the most important financial decision a business owner can make. It's also the one decision they most frequently get wrong, because it's tricky to calculate.

In this one-day workshop, BDO’s Head of Strategic Innovation, Tanya Titman, will:

  • Show you how to capture the true cost of delivering your product or service
  • How to calculate a price that delivers a profit
  • Help you validate your revenue streams and set prices to ensure your organisation turns a profit faster.

This workshop will enable you to learn:

  • The correct process for pricing your product or service
  • Why Cost of Goods Sold is critical for pricing
  • Profit Margin and Breakeven Point calculation
  • Mark up strategies for products
  • Hourly rate and charge out rate calculations.

Want to know more about this workshop? Please contact Rebecca White.