• Financial Education

    Empowering business owners through financial literacy.


Financial Education and Literacy

Flexibility underpins the delivery of our financial education programs. That’s why we are transitioning online, providing all current face-to-face workshops via virtual sessions. If you’re currently registered for one of our face-to-face workshops our team will be in touch to discuss your delivery options.

Building your financial literacy takes time, effort and investment.  Attend one of our financial education programs and get on track to enhance your business acumen. Having a high level of financial literacy means:

  • Understanding accounting basics
  • Using financial terms confidently
  • Interpreting your financial statements
  • Identifying how cash flows through a business
  • Understanding cost of goods sold
  • Using financial information to make business decisions.


From online, to one-day, to one-year, our education approach can fit into your schedule

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