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Learn how to build a budget for your business from the bottom-up

Rather than focusing on forecasting top line revenue, we challenge you to build a budget from the bottom up. The first step in this process is to determine what net profit you want to make. Then review all expenses, looking for opportunities to reduce costs. In this process your top line revenue is determined by target profit plus all business expenses. This wholistic approach to forecasting financials ensures business owners review every part of their business, not just their revenue model.

Forecast your financials

What you will learn in this free masterclass

  • Translate your business goals into financial strategy
  • Create a profit reinvestment plan
  • Learn how to forecast future income and expenses
  • Identify how to correctly allocate your cost of goods sold
  • Calculate your revenue gap
  • Build a high-level budget from the bottom-up.


Who should attend this masterclass?

This masterclass suits anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and learn how to build an accurate budget for their business. This financial education will be delivered virtually, business leaders located all across Australia are welcome to attend, specifically:

Business owners financials
Business owners who want to forecast their business growth
Startups, small and large businesses
Owners of startups, small businesses and large organisations
Financial controllers
Financial Controllers who manage the finances in a business
Treasurers of not-for-profit organisations or community groups
Bookkeepers wanting to better educate their clients about cash flow


Benefits of forecasting your financial position for business owners

The process of forecasting your financials lends itself to strategic planning. Business owners who make time to translate business goals into a financial roadmap are more likely to realise their strategic plan. Rather than focusing on increasing your top line revenue, we start with your bottom-line net profit and build a holistic budget that will fuel your business growth.

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