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    Providing a full spectrum of professional services to the infrastructure sector.


Experience to see you through start to finish and beyond

Across Australia and Asia today, fast-growing pressures on existing infrastructure makes this an area of premium potential for governments, investors, developers, contractors, operators and lenders. But the path from A to B can be difficult to navigate. Similarly, for agencies managing infrastructure, ongoing challenges include:

  • Funding restrictions tied to rigorous business cases
  • Accounting for whole-of-life costs
  • Probity audits
  • Tight project timelines.

The BDO team has a strong track record of advising and assisting government, government-owned and public organisations across rail, roads, ports, water, energy, mining, airports, social and housing sectors.

Our highly integrated, national infrastructure team has an established history of working on special purpose companies and public-private partnerships (PPPs), which are crucial to funding in infrastructure.

From the application of taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) and working with PPPs on project financing and valuation, we provide a full spectrum of professional services throughout the planning, development and servicing of infrastructure projects across Australia.

Our diverse expertise gives us an intimate understanding of all facets of the infrastructure sector. Our specialists combine technical and commercial knowledge, as well as insight into best practices, to help you optimise your business on both an operational and strategic level.