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    Guiding pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers.


Life Sciences Business Services

Faced with an ageing population, managing health expenditure is a key objective on the government’s agenda, evident with the changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

At the same time, life sciences businesses are faced with intensifying competition and challenges posed by expiring patents. Many are considering mergers, acquisitions and collaboration arrangements to expand their portfolios and R&D pipelines, or expand overseas into new markets. These transactions are complex, multi-faceted and create significant uncertainty regarding financial reporting.

BDO’s Healthcare team understands these complexities and has extensive experience guiding pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers at every stage including:

  • Research and development
  • Tax credits and regulations
  • Licensing agreements
  • Due diligence.

Importantly, we can also advise on how best to access vital capital to fuel innovation, research and development efforts; and identify significant opportunities to drive value through efficient tax strategy.