• Accelerate your growth

Accelerate your growth

How BDO can help you grow

BDO’s PE group will generate ideas and insights to help you find the right way forward for your business. Below are the top six areas we provide advice and ideas on, which will help your company become a successful PE-backed business.

1. Performance and Growth

We will help you refine your business strategy to drive top-line growth and improve margins. We can help define your investment priorities, whether it be through acquisition, people or technology, and ensuring that investment is effectively supporting accelerated growth.

2. Financial Management and funding

Fundamental to efficiency and effective leadership is sweating every asset and every dollar. BDO can provide essential support to improve cash flow and the efficiency of your tax and financial structures. These improvements will make it easier to manage your bank and other funders and fund acquisitions.

3. Operational Improvement

Investing in a review of your operations is a worthwhile activity. Our experience is that companies can drive greater growth, higher margins, better cash conversion, and reduced risks when they focus on operational improvements and efficiencies. We will help you benchmark your operational effectiveness, devise pragmatic plans that can be delivered within specified timeframes and finally, help implement any changes that are agreed on.

4. Governance and leadership

PE firms are looking for a good management team. Therefore, we often find the biggest impact comes from addressing any gaps in the management team. This can mean bringing in additional expertise in the form of Non-Executive Directors or adding PE experience to the management team. We will advise you on the appropriate and most effective governance structures aligned with the business strategy and ensure that your management team can deliver.

5. Risk, management and financial reporting

PE investors will demand high levels of management and financial reporting to monitor and measure success. The question is - are your systems up to the job? We offer specific advice on how to improve your reporting system. We also advise on regulatory compliance as new requirements become applicable. The aim is to ensure that you are minimising risks by implementing the right reporting and compliance structures.

6. Strategy

Your strategy is the foundation that all growth is based on. If your strategy doesn’t drive the growth in value you need, we can provide advice on developing or adapting it. More importantly, we can work with you to secure stakeholder alignment to deliver it.

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