How to build an agile workforce

25 May 2017

Everyone wants an agile, contemporary, fast paced, flexible and responsive workplace

It's no longer talk, many businesses are walking the walk! The trigger point is often in the form of disruption within. Organisations with significant technology change are leading the charge and challenging the status quo on how to plan a workforce fit for the future.

Transformation is only the beginning

While agile, flexible and compact workplaces are the latest trend, it does come at a cost. The cost is being felt by employees trying to keep pace and stay ahead of the change. The agile workforce approach is leading constant transformation within a business. Many leaders roll out a short term solution and do not understand the need for an ongoing workforce transformation. Business models will continue to evolve and impact on the shape of the workforce, and its demands.

A Traditional workforce is no longer

To remain competitive, businesses must adapt to constant change and plan a sustainable workforce. Two things should be considered:

  1. What do you need now?
  2. How can you build flexibility into your strategy to meet an uncertain future?

Traditional linear workforce planning methods are no longer the key to success. To help navigate your workforce needs it must operate with agile decision support systems. HR professionals are often challenged around the support they can provide to help leaders answer key workforce planning questions. The process is continual, evolving and based on facts. Data is critical to any discussion, sourcing and interpreting key workforce data is the new paradigm for the HR Professional.

“HR professionals need to adapt and provide leaders with workforce solutions utilising data analytics and insights to remain relevant.”