• Board & Executive Remuneration Report 2019

Board & Executive Remuneration Report 2019

19 June 2019

Allan Feinberg , Managing Director, Remuneration & Reward Services |

Our purpose in developing this report is to provide an independent, credible benchmark study to Executives and Board members across corporate, mid-tier and junior listed companies in Australia on Board and Executive remuneration. We aim to guide the development of executive pay arrangements to ensure Executives create value with shareholders (and other stakeholders) and not from them.

The BDO Board & Executive Remuneration Report 2019 is the most comprehensive report of its kind produced in Australia. It incorporates over 1,400 ASX listed companies (substantially more than any other executive pay report produced in the country), representing well over 11,000 incumbents across a number of Executive Director, Key Management Personnel and Non-Executive Director roles. The hard data is based on disclosed information from the most recent 2018 annual reports, grouped into select 10 market categories in terms of each company’s market capitalisation as at January 2019.

Board and Executive remuneration is well publicised for large blue chip companies. We expect this trend to trickle down to juniors and mid-cap tier listed companies where there is a lack of equivalent affordable, granular and credible remuneration data available for defensible decision making.

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