Beyond survival: Re-imagining your 'new normal'

29 April 2020

Never before has there been so much expectation of transformational change, at such a rapid pace. Government, regulators, financiers, businesses and unions are now working collaboratively, with an expectation that 'things' need to change. However, it is not always clear exactly what the new normal could be, and what needs to change.

The COVID-19 paradigm presents a unique opportunity for organisations to redesign for long term success, by focussing on customer needs, optimising operations and engaging staff on their own reimagined futures.

Join BDO Partners Tim Riordan and Jonathan Stone as they guide your business on how to disrupt rather than be disrupted.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • defining what is valuable to your customers and stakeholders
  • engaging your people to have them reimagine their future
  • re-thinking your business architecture
  • managing through COVID-19 and setting up for future success.

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