Healthcare | Priority on ideas & values, not just budget

26 April 2017

Sharee Bartlett , Partner, Risk Advisory |

Recently the BDO's healthcare team and clients attended CEDA’s Health Series event with keynote speaker The Hon. Cameron Dick MP - Queensland State Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services. The Minister spoke about the number of challenges faced by the sector and how funding, investment and skills can play a role.

He touched on the current state of both public and private systems, his recent initiatives for the sector and what needs to be done to improve the performance of health in Queensland. Here is my quick recap and update for those working in (or with) the sector.

1.   Constant challenges for all involved in healthcare

In his opening remark, the Minister expressed how investment in the healthcare industry can say a lot about collective values as a society. He was honest that increasing expectations come at a cost. Rising demands put pressure on our current resources and that a balance is important for both patients and the sector. His solution? More investment is needed in public healthcare.

2.   State of public health

Public hospital services are up by 8.1% in Queensland and outpatient care is up by 12%. This growth is likely to continue. The Minister acknowledged that after hour’s home-visit doctor services divert people from the higher-cost hospital emergency departments. He stated that 56% of those who have accessed this service might have presented at a public emergency department, saving taxpayers up to $240 per person.

3.   Current Queensland Health initiatives

The Minister has the opportunity to see firsthand those growing, innovating and helping our system. He said that human contact exemplifies all that is good about our system. His pledge and our Government’s strategic vision is to make Queensland the healthiest state by 2026. He acknowledged work to date and recent announcements:

4.   The future of health

Health is a portfolio that never sleeps. Minister Dick is dedicated to finding the next breakthrough that can make the lives of our people great. However, much needs to be done and his solutions were aimed at addressing challenges with innovation and ideas. Not just budget. It should be a responsibility of all to help make this happen.

What's next?

Currently, the Minister stated that healthcare makes up 23% of the workforce and this figure is growing!