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Case Study:

BIG4 Holiday Parks

04 March 2022

Kathy Robertson, Partner, Audit & Assurance |

Started in the 1970s as the result of four families’ desire to create parks that would be central to a memorable holiday experience, BIG4 Holiday Parks (BIG4) has grown from four parks to more than 180 franchised and affiliated parks across Australia. BIG4 is a marketing cooperative, with all parks individually owned by the operators.   

Since becoming the engagement partner for BIG4 in 2020, Kathy Robertson and the BDO team (a combination of audit and business services teams) have taken proactive steps to maintain exceptional client service to BIG4.

Beginning with a strategy meeting with BIG4, Kathy and her team agreed on expectations and addressed the main issues ahead of the audit, meaning both BDO and BIG4 were on the front foot leading into the audit. The BDO team’s existing knowledge of the client and commitment to planning did not go unnoticed by the BIG4 team. “They always come to a meeting well researched and prepared…they seem to really understand our business,” said John Monty, Financial Accountant and Compliance, BIG4.

BDO has delivered two consecutive audits in lockdown conditions. The up-front planning and communication by Kathy and the BDO team, along with the use of the BDO Global Portal (BDO’s project management tool), have been key to delivering what the BIG4 finance team describe as a “very efficient process.” 

Although the BDO team and BIG4 enjoy face-to-face interactions, Kathy and the team have proven they can deliver exceptional client service both in person and in a remote working environment.

With BDO, we know that our audit process will be efficient and led by a personable and organised team, who will come prepared and be considerate of the circumstances.”

John Monty, Financial Accountant and Compliance, BIG4 Holiday Parks

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