My CA journey

01 January 2018

Kate Speziali |

I've loved every minute of my chartered accounting journey here at BDO. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive environment - everyone is so willing to help, and the Partners' doors are always open, so no matter what sort of question I have, there's someone to help me through it.

Hands-on experience

The last few years have been such a learning curve - I did business accounting at university, which was great for giving me background knowledge, but I've found putting it all into action and getting that hands-on experience that BDO provides really exciting. Since starting as a graduate here, I've moved up the ranks, eventually completing my CA studies and moving into the role of senior accountant.

My highlight so far is completing these studies. They were tough at the time, but we had so much support from the firm and it really helped get me through it. We got as much study leave as was necessary, and BDO paid for all my courses. This included national tax training in Sydney, which I've attended three times now and learnt about different topics each time. On top of this, the people at BDO also conduct training sessions, often on topics affecting the industry at the time, for example the budget.

This all stood me in good stead going into my exams, and I was thrilled to receive a merit in my tax subject for my CA programme, which meant I fell in the top 5 per cent nationwide.

A constantly changing industry

This constant learning is one of my favourite things about working here. Our industry is always changing, and what you learn at first isn't necessarily going to be accurate even two months down the line, but this is what makes it all so exciting. My advice for a new graduate would be that yes, it's going to be a bit challenging in the first couple of years and you'll feel like you might not know much. However, stick with it and soak it all in - you're going to get invaluable experience and knowledge from the experts around you, and this will stay with you your entire career.

Over the next few years, I want to gain as much new knowledge and experience as I can and put my hand up for everything that comes my way - I want to experience and expose myself to as many opportunities as possible during my career. I'm also looking forward to having more contact with my clients - I can't wait to start building those strong relationships. I'm really excited about my future with BDO. Chartered accounting is changing all the time and I can't wait to see what happens next.