• Xanthe Weaich - My career at BDO

Xanthe Weaich - My career at BDO

27 September 2021

“I wanted to start my career at an organisation where I could be who I am. What I’ve found is a human-centered firm where people genuinely care about what they do, and they do it well. I’ve been given many opportunities to learn and grow, and that makes work very satisfying.” 

Xanthe Weaich, Senior Auditor, Audit

What do you value about working for BDO?

There are three reasons I value working for BDO:

  1. The people are friendly and I really like working with people who are genuine and kind. Culturally, it feels like people enjoy working together and getting to know each other.
  2. Our leaders show trust in us by how they approach flexibility. This has been very important during the past year.
  3. I’ve really appreciated the opportunities I’ve had to grow. I’ve been given opportunities and support to continue learning every year. I find the new clients to service, new industries to work in and new tasks to understand and complete very satisfying.

What attracted you to BDO?

It was my graduate job! I was looking for a job in a place where I could feel comfortable being myself. The conversations I had with the People & Culture team and in my interviews at the time gave me the impression BDO was a personable and genuine kind of place. Particularly in my interview, I got the sense they were most interested in who I was and whether I would work well with the team. This was really encouraging for me as it reflected things I cared about.

Why have you stayed with BDO?

BDO has provided me with opportunities to develop in my roles over the years, and to try new things when I’ve wanted to. For example, BDO supported my request to move to the external audit division when I wanted to broaden my financial experience from the risk and internal audit space. BDO has also supported me in pursuing my interests outside of work, like when I requested a shift to part-time work to create space for me to pursue further studies – even though those studies don’t relate to accounting at all!

I’ve also really valued the people I work alongside – I’ve made good friendships and strong working relationships.

Which of your personal values aligns to BDO’s values? Why is this important?

I really appreciate that BDO wants us to treat everyone – be it clients, employees, colleagues or managers - as humans by being open and honest in communication. This allows me to be genuine and interested in who other people are. It makes it easy to come to work each day because I don’t feel expectations to fit a certain type of persona. I really love spending time with clients in person and getting to know them as humans. It’s just so much more enjoyable.

I think it’s super important to care about what you do. Different people work hard for different reasons, and I feel the people I work with at BDO care about what they do and do it well. This makes for a motivating environment to be in and makes working as a team enjoyable – you know that everyone is putting effort in and striving to do the job well.

How does it make you feel each day when working at BDO?

To be honest BDO’s values are part of how we work, but I don’t often actively think about them. However, since we started working from home last year, I’ve really noticed how much I enjoy going into the office and look forward to seeing people, learning from people, and being able to work with other people. It’s a motivating and enjoyable environment to be in.

In three words, how would you describe the BDO culture?

Connected (people know each other and care about who each other are), engaging and supportive.

How has the team at BDO and your leaders got to know you?

There are lots of avenues to get to know each other. Social days, BDO events, mentoring relationships, friendships across divisions, or simply just eating meals together in our collaboration space. In some roles, I’ve needed to travel often, which has created opportunities to spend lots of time with others. People take opportunities to get to know you when they arise, which is lovely!

How do you get to really know your clients, as people?

Conversations! Asking questions and being interested in the answers and being real with them. This is much easier when on site, so I like to get on-site and meet with clients in person as much as possible.

What do you do to ensure you deliver exceptional client service?

I listen. By hearing what is important to the client, what their priorities are and working with their team and management we are better able to help clients achieve their priorities. Hopefully this means they value our service.

What is the value in getting to know your clients in this way? Does it provide value to you (as an individual/professional) as well?

I enjoy work much more when I feel connected to people. Work feels more satisfying when it is connected to making somebody else’s life easier.

The BDO values I most identify with are:

Human BDO encourages us to communicate openly and honestly. I love spending time with clients and getting to know them – it makes the job so much more enjoyable.

Strive The BDO working environment is really motivating because you feel part of a team that is working together. You know that everyone is putting effort in and striving to do our job well.

Heart It’s super important to care about what you do. I feel that the people I work with at BDO care about what they are doing, and doing it well.

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