Is cyber security on your risk radar?

08 August 2017

Take part in the 2017 Cyber Security SurveyMost countries around the world have seen a surge in cyber attacks over the past 12 months.

As cyber incidents have increased in number, so too have the types of organisations targeted. Cyber security is now firmly on the risk radar of small businesses, corporations, and governments.

Businesses today understand that protecting their tangible assets is fundamental for ensuring their sustainability and survival. When it comes to cyber security, it should be no different.

Digital assets, such as customer data, intellectual property, financial records, staff records, and transaction logs, to name just a few, are often the building blocks of many modern businesses.

Over the past few months, malicious programs such as WannaCry and Petya have infected thousands of computers globally, holding organisations’ data to ransom and shutting down systems critical to the operation of multi-nationals.

To help organisations better defend their digital assets and implement improved cyber risk management strategies, benchmarking is an essential first step. It is important for organisations to understand the types of cyber threats that exist, and how they relate to their industry and business operations.
For the second consecutive year, BDO and AusCERT are delivering a Cyber Security Survey. This annual survey identifies and monitors current cyber security trends, issues and threats facing businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

The goal is to deliver insights that will help businesses build and maintain their cyber resilience over the long term.
Those taking part in the survey will gain direct access to the survey report when released in November. The report provides valuable data allowing businesses to compare current cyber security efforts with trends in their industry sector.

Last year we found only 48% of survey respondents have a cyber incident response plan in place and only 41% have a cyber incident response team or capability in place to respond. Are you prepared for a cyber security incident?

Read last year’s survey results.

The survey closes at midnight on Friday, 15 September 2017. The survey is anonymous and takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey also offers the chance to win one of three Apple Watches.*

For more information about this survey, or to discuss the cyber security practices of your business, contact Leon Fouche, National Leader, Cyber Security.

Complete the 2017 Cyber Security Survey

* Survey respondents can provide their details to go in the prize draw, once they have completed the survey. Two respondents from Australia and one from New Zealand will be randomly selected as the winners and notified via email after the survey closes.