WannaCry: Out of the headlines, but shouldn’t be forgotten

25 May 2017

Leon Fouche , National Leader, Cyber Security |

The dust has settled and the world’s media has moved on to other things. The global WannaCry incident has, like most things in today’s fast paced news cycle, fallen out of the headlines.

What is important now though is that organisations of all shapes and sizes don’t become complacent about the emerging threat that ransomware attacks present and what they need to prepare for the next one…because there will be a next one.

As a Stay Smart Online partner, BDO is committed to ensuring our clients are fully prepared and can recover from these types of attacks.

Here are three simple tips and valuable Stay Smart Online resources to put in your cyber security ‘First Aid Kit’:

  1. Regularly update your computer software and operating systems to help protect against cyber threats -
  2. Regularly backup all data and keep it somewhere safe offline. If you don’t have a backup in place, your data is not safe or recoverable -
  3. Avoid the ‘ransom’ in ransomware by restoring your files from a clean backup. Paying a ransom does not guarantee a solution, instead it could make you vulnerable to further attacks -

For more information about the WannaCry incident and further tips on what you can do to protect your business, read my previous article -

If you’d like to discuss how to strengthen the cyber security resilience of your business, feel free to get in touch.