• The top eight international tech hubs

Where is the best location for a technology business to thrive?

09 July 2020

Sebastian Stevens, National Leader, Private Equity
Partner, Corporate Finance

The top eight international tech hubs for businesses & Investors in 2020.

If you’re a technology start-up, scale-up, established business or an investor looking to expand internationally, knowing the best locations that can support the tech ecosystem and offer a supportive landscape, is key to knowing where to invest your money, time and effort.

The demand for technology is everywhere

The disruption we have recently seen due to the global Pandemic has highlighted the need for digital capabilities to power businesses – solving many issues from both a front-office and back office perspective.

While many businesses were dampened by the current climate, we saw many examples where technology demand increased – as social distancing measures came into effect, businesses, the government and institutions all had to pivot to provide end-to-end digital services.

  • The government’s telehealth capabilities soared, and this sector achieved, in a matter of months, what would have typically taken a decade - it is now poised for significant growth.
  • With consumers less inclined to leave their homes, the need for at-home services was propelled forward and business models had to migrate toward new ways of providing goods and services.  The Financial Services sector saw a boom in Fintech options, such as e-commerce, lending and digital signatures - and this is expected to continue.
  • Business continuity through technology was key, with businesses having to ensure their people were set up to work remotely. Going forward they will need to map out a digital recovery to sustain the new normal.

Seeking out international tech hubs to harness opportunity

As businesses Rethink a way forward and take stock of the tech-enabled gaps in their customer journeys, the demand for technology products and services will continue.

While uncertainty in the business environment remains, many investors are sitting on “dry powder”, and technology businesses are in the perfect position to launch globally. However, choosing the right location is just as critical as the business concept for success.

With so many options for business – which countries are the most fertile locations for technology businesses to thrive?

We’ve compiled the International Tech Hubs eBook, brought to you by BDO’s plugd:in platform. This publication takes a dive into the top eight locations for technology businesses listed below. Hear from our experts who discuss the regulatory environment, the tech landscape and ecosystem, where the key tech hubs are within the country, information for investors, the talent pool and the common misconceptions of each country, as well as any additional benefits.

While the answer depends on your tech business type, it also requires a deep understanding of the market. Based on our extensive experience and industry knowledge, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the top eight international tech hubs from across the world below. For more information, download our eBook, or contact your local Partner today.

Our top eight international tech hubs shortlist


Australia: a bridge market with deep capital potential.

1. Australia


India: a transformed market with untapped potential.

2. India

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley: a mature tech market with opportunities for big ideas.

3. Silicon Valley


France: a stable region with appeal for the tenacious.

4. France


Canada: a positive area for growth with significant R&D benefits.

5. Canada


London: an unparalleled market with a supportive development heritage.

6. London


Malaysia: an extremely attractive package for foreign businesses.

7. Malaysia


Israel: a highly innovative zone with a unique talent pool.

8. Israel