Redesigning Value Chains in Financial Services with Blockchain and DLT

29 July 2020

Sam from Block8 and Ryan from BDO explore current Blockchain and DLT trends and use cases in the Financial Services sector. In this webinar, they discussed the benefits of this emerging technology, decisions when integrating and deploying blockchain, and governance and risk considerations when delivering a solution as part of your digital strategy.


Ryan Kris – Associate Director, BDO

Ryan Kris is an Associate Director for Technology and Blockchain at BDO Australia. Ryan delivers practical consulting to the business community, helping his clients become ready for the disruption that cryptoassets and blockchain are bringing. He sees a connected future where blockchain is solving everyday problems while adding value to both society and business.

Samuel Brooke – CTO, Block8

Samuel Brooks is an expert in connecting next-gen technology with current-gen business problems, specialising in distributed ledger systems. He has designed numerous DLT-based solutions and authored and contributed to a number of public submissions from both industry and Government. Samuel is an active member of the Australian blockchain community, including regularly speaking at technology conferences, meetups and podcasts, and contributing to industry and International Standards committees.

Did you know that Australia now has a roadmap to the blockchain sector?

Ryan Kris unpacks the National Blockchain Roadmap which aims to capitalise on economic opportunities presented by blockchain technologies. Read more to find out what this roadmap means for blockchain technology and innovation in Australia.


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