Fintech Fridays - Capital Markets

11 December 2020

Sebastian Stevens, National Leader, Private Equity
Partner, Corporate Finance
Tim Aman, Global Leader, Fintech
National Leader, Financial Services

Current IPO activity has been the busiest for tech companies on the ASX in more than fifteen years. With the launch of the S&P/ASX All Technology Index the dynamic of Australia’s local capital markets has profoundly changed – with early stage technology businesses bypassing traditional forms of Private Equity and Venture Capital to IPO. 

For Fintechs, capital remains a critical component to their success. Australia is home to one of the largest pools of investment capital. With this changing landscape - what are Fintech's funding prospects for 2021; how do they tap into the public capital market, and what’s the best process for an IPO? 

Our final Fintech Fridays webinar for the year explored Capital Markets. Tim Aman, BDO Global Fintech Leader, and Sebastian Stevens, BDO Private Equity Lead Partner, were joined by Josh Collard, ASX Business Development Manager, providing a recap of the Technology Index, the capital raising journey for Fintechs, and trends in the current market. 

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