Fintech Fridays - Going Global

18 February 2022

Tim Aman, Global Leader, Fintech
National Leader, Financial Services

Taking a fintech global isn’t without its challenges. Many companies struggle with taxes, government grants or incentives, and global regulatory compliance. In the rush to take operations overseas ahead of their competitors, many fintechs aren’t effectively planning their business growth and operations.

In this session, BDO’s Global Leader for Fintech, Tim Aman, dives into the opportunities, process and pitfalls of taking a fintech company abroad. Joining him for this discussion is joint-CEO of Raiz, Brendan Malone and local CEO of Revolut, Matt Baxby.

They discuss:

  • Opportunities abroad, and regions of interest
  • Making the most of government grants and incentives
  • Balancing rapid expansion with sustainable business growth

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