Fintech Fridays - Insurtech

23 July 2021

In a COVID-19 world, both technology and insurance have never been more important to the lives of Australians. While the insurance sector has typically been slow to adopt insurtech, consumer demand and other forces have increased the prominence of a variety of solutions that have the potential to change the sector. 

In this Fintech Fridays webinar, Tim Aman, BDO Global Fintech Leader, speaks with Jason Wilby, Co-Founder and Joint CEO of Open Insurance, and Ali Bolbol, BDO Tax Partner. They discuss: 

  • The concept of open insurance - open access to APIs 
  • The journey so far for fintechs - open insurance as a case study 
  • Connected insurance and use cases 
  • Regulating insurtech and the evolving open insurance standards 
  • How insurtech will shape the insurance industry - risks and opportunities 
  • The insurtech ecosystem - what roles do incumbents, fintech, third parties, and government play? 
  • The range of solutions being adopted by fintech and incumbents to make accessing insurance easier

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