Fintech Fridays - Open Banking - Opportunity Or Threat?

23 October 2020

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Australian Fintech ecosystem mature. Fintechs have surged on a wave of financial growth, market opportunities and a thriving investment environment - while being boosted by new regulatory conditions to support entrepreneurship and the rise of non-traditional finance.

However, with over three quarters of Australian fintechs not yet making a profit, the COVID-19 crisis has threatened a flourishing sector, with many companies grappling with survival. This has been compounded by the subsequent market downturn, impacting the short-term viability of fintechs’ revenue and customer growth. 

BDO is pleased to have launched the Fintech Fridays webinar series. Each session takes a deep dive into the diverse subsectors of the fintech space. 

In our third webinar, Tim Aman, BDO Global Fintech Leader, and Adam Simms, BDO Forensic Services Partner, host Adatree Founder & CEO, Jill Berry, to discuss the open banking in Australia, including:

  • The road to open banking
  • CDR overview and participants
  • CDR as an enabler - explore smoother/smarter framework
  • Use cases - identification, switching as a service, CDR for credit monitoring
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Assurance of CDR
  • How to comply with AML/CTF regulations

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