Fintech Fridays - Unpacking The Budget For Fintechs

20 November 2020

Tim Aman, Global Leader, Fintech
National Leader, Financial Services
Nicholas Parry, Partner, Government Incentives and Indirect Taxes |

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Australian Fintech ecosystem mature. Fintechs have surged on a wave of financial growth, market opportunities and a thriving investment environment - while being boosted by new regulatory conditions to support entrepreneurship and the rise of non-traditional finance. However, with over three quarters of Australian fintechs not yet making a profit, the COVID-19 crisis has threatened a flourishing sector, with many companies grappling with survival. This has been compounded by the subsequent market downturn, impacting the short-term viability of fintechs’ revenue and customer growth.

With the government highlighting a significant investment in technology and innovation with their Digital Business Plan, as well as other tax relief measures, there are new opportunities for fintechs.

In our fourth Fintech Fridays webinar, Tim Aman, BDO Global Fintech Leader, and Nicholas Parry, BDO Government Incentives and Indirect Taxes Partner, host Piper Alderman Partner, Michael Bacina, to unpack the Budget announcements and what they mean for fintechs, including:

  • Analysis of the budget for fintechs – what is good and what could be improved
  • The main changes impacting fintechs, and how they can take advantage of -
    • The Research and Development Tax Incentive
    • Tax relief measures (instant asset write-off)
    • JobMaker / JobTrainer hiring credit
    • CDR rollout
    • The Fintech Bridge
    • Training women in STEM
    • Funding for cyber security

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  • Tim Aman - Global Fintech Leader & National Financial Services Leader, BDO
  • Michael Bacina – Partner, Piper Alderman
  • Nicholas Parry - Partner, Government Incentives and Indirect Taxes, BDO