5 Steps structure a successful pitch in the Food sector

23 July 2018

Brisbane Marketing’s 2018 annual Future Food forum was delivered this morning to over 80 local food businesses and international exporters. This platform of connectivity for our region, links research, entrepreneurship, investment, infrastructure, government and business to be thinking globally about the future of food.

BDO’s Food & Agribusiness Executive Director, Margaux Beauchamp, was a panel guest to share investor and buyer insights to get the best result. Margaux’s advice was directed at how businesses can structure a pitch to secure investment. By putting your best foot forward and keeping it simple, greater results for a sale or capital raising. One of the key tips was ‘be worthy to take a risk on’ from investors. Given there will always be some form of competition in any pitch, it has to be right from the start; and a business must be realistic on what is achievable.

5 steps to prepare the perfect pitch to secure Investment through sale or capital raising:

  1. Investment Highlights – Summarise five key reasons why an investor should invest in you and the point of difference in the market that you offer.
  2. Business model – Great business have great systems and people. Explain your business model. What makes it sustainable or scalable?
  3. Growth opportunities – The world is not static, so you need to clearly identity the growth options your business presents and its potential into the future.
  4. Financials – Do no ignore your financials. To do so will reduce your creditability. Talk to your accountant or business adviser so that you can be open and clear on your financials.
  5. ‘The Opportunity’ or ‘What’– Spell out clearly what it is you are asking for. Is it a certain amount of dollars for a percentage of the company or are you looking for more than just money? You may only have one chance; have the confidence to be clear and transparent.

To read more about preparing a pitch or information memorandum download a full guide: Selling a business? Get the result you’re looking for.  To discuss your options before starting a sale or capital raising process, please contact us for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

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