Choosing the right business structure for your family farm

17 March 2020

Choosing the right business structure is never easy and when it comes to agribusiness, family interests, land ownership and the risks to crops, livestock and employees make the task of choosing an appropriate business entity even more difficult.

In this webinar, BDO Partner, Andrew Jones, and Associate Director, Jodie Knowlton, discuss a range of business structures available to agribusinesses. They also discuss strategies for choosing the right structure that best suits your needs. In this session, we explore:

  • The pros and cons of agribusiness structures
  • Why it’s important to factor in your succession plan when choosing a business structure
  • Tax considerations to be mindful of
  • Tips for overcoming the issues in selecting a structure

If you are concerned with any of the topics raised in the webinar, or would like to discuss the right business structure for your family farm, contact a Food & Agribusiness adviser today.