Mapping the Fraud Blueprint of Tomorrow - Transparency

26 October 2021

Adam Simms, Partner, Forensic Services |

In this session our panel takes a look at whistleblowing and misconduct and its link to the new standard. Adam Simms, BDO Forensic Services Partner, will host expert panellists as they cover:

  • Context and guidance with AS8001 as it relates to whistleblowing and corruption control
  • The need for increased transparency
  • The importance of whistleblowing and its impacts on both the business and on those making disclosures
  • The legal and regulatory roadmap
  • Transparency in corruption control

Meet our panel

  • Adam Simms | Partner, Forensics Services, BDO Australia
  • Commonwealth Senator Deborah O'Neill | Chair of Standing Committee of Privileges
  • Lewis Rangott | Executive Director, Corruption Prevention, Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • Jane Olsen | Research Fellow, Centre for Governance & Public Policy, Griffith Business School, Griffith University

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