Mining Workforce Productivity Survey

30 January 2017

Allan Feinberg , Managing Director, Remuneration & Reward Services |

BDO Launches Australia’s first Mining Workforce Productivity Survey

BDO has developed Australia’s first Mining Workforce Productivity Survey.

Through the application of a new, innovative methodology and capturing Australian-centric data, the survey will determine concise, meaningful and relevant information to drive effective workforce decisions.

Developed by business people for business people who want answers to their workforce productivity challenges;

  • What defines a “highly-productive” vs “low-productive” workforce in your sector in Australia
  • Competitor analysis – how is productivity measured, where does your sector rank? What does your score mean?
  • What can you do to improve your results and your score in the short term.

Survey Overview

Participants will receive the following;

(1) A comprehensive and personalised Workforce Productivity Report

Utilising relevant metrics which influence three key areas of business performance; Workforce Profitability, Sustainability and Growth.

No consulting jargon – just meaningful and valid metrics that are easy to understand and relevant to your workforce.

(2) Your unique workforce productivity profile

Your Workforce Productivity Profile

(3) Market Comparison

How do you rank compared to your peers and which zones in your Workforce Productivity Profile need attention, ie opportunistic areas for improvement.

Your Ranking

(4) Analysis

Analysis includes

  • Remuneration profiling and affordability
  • Return on workforce and remuneration spend
  • Staffing Ratios, ie; support and operations
  • And many more…

(5) Answer the tough questions with confidence

  • I’ve slashed my headcount! Are my staffing ratios and organisational structure competitive in my sector for my company’s ‘size’?
  • My survey providers tell me I’m paying at median but is my salary bill affordable in my sector for my company’s ‘size’?
  • Why do I have so many senior safety people on site compared to my peers?

Survey schedule & pricing

Schedule: Two surveys in April/May and October/November of each year, allowing you to track your progress in relation to your competitors.
Price: $3000 ex GST (includes 2 Surveys & 2 comprehensive reports)

Current Participants

With over 18 participants incorporating over 50 individual sites taking part, we already have a sufficient sample to run the survey effectively. Don’t miss your opportunity! 

To participate in the survey, email [email protected]

As a WA Based firm, we welcome the opportunity for a personal meeting with you to discuss our methodology and report. Contact Allan Feinberg +61 8 6382 4989 / [email protected]