NDIS - What’s been the flow on effect for service delivery?

14 October 2019

Implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) saw a fundamental shift in how Australians living with a disability engage with service providers.

As a result, many service providers identified new opportunities for growth, increased their community impact and achieved a greater fulfilment of their mission. Yet, for those organisations that previously existed under grant or block-funding arrangements, the scheme rocked the very foundations on which they operate.

The 2016 BDO NDIS Readiness Report offered insights into the NDIS readiness journey of Queensland disability providers, highlighting six prominent challenges at the time of implementation:

1. The need to ‘set’ or ‘reset’ strategy for the new market

2. Cash flow and working capital management

3. Transactions for growth

4. Marketing and engagement

5. Technology

6. Human Capital (how best to utilise and retain talent). 

But, where is industry now? Have the challenges been addressed? What’s been the flow on effect for service delivery?

To find out, BDO launched the BDO NDIS 2019 Survey: Insights from provider experiences’ in November 2019. This survey took a deeper dive into the NDIS journey, building on previous insights to analyse service provider attitudes, challenges and opportunities experienced since implementation.   

BDO’s detailed survey report will be launched in early 2020. If you operate an NDIS service provider, this is your chance to gain free insight into the maturity of your organisation’s NDIS journey and service delivery.

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For more information about the BDO NDIS 2019 Survey contact our Not-for-Profit team.