Technology the key to unlocking NDIS success

18 February 2016

Not-for-profit strategist George Liacos said that disability service providers must “shift the focus away from speculation and onto getting their houses in order before the NDIS 1 July start date”.

Being proactive towards these changes will put you in good stead for when the NDIS commences. What’s the best way for providers to start? Well, investing wisely in technology is a good one. Investing in the right technology will ensure you aren’t at risk of falling behind other service providers.

With less than five months until the scheme is rolled out, we’re working with some providers on getting their technology right.

Get ahead of competitors with technology

To position yourself for rollout success, you’ll need to place emphasis on selecting the right technology aimed at creating operational efficiency and refining processes. It goes without saying that the NDIS is a huge change for the sector. Failure to plan and adapt could determine if the rollout positively or negatively impacts your business model. Don’t make the same mistake many providers are making and sit idle – be proactive.

Let’s look at an example. The new invoicing and reporting processes will increase in complexity for your employees. Not only must they interact with the NDIS Provider Portal, they’ll also need to account for each service separately like to the healthcare model.

Therefore, they’ll need access to the right financial and invoicing programs or, if these resources aren’t available in-house, outsourcing.

Doing this will make it easier for employees file the necessary paperwork easing pressure on them while helping the organisation operate more effectively.

What does your technology landscape look like?

You need to take the time to understand your existing technology environment. This means completing a full inventory of technology operations and processes. How you process documents or collect data about your clients will prove vital in engaging with your clients and target markets. Having systems that provide a seamless service experience and collect meaningful customer data will assist you in producing strategies for the future.

Tackle NDIS now, test your readiness score!

There are a range of questions you must address to ensure NDIS readiness. BDO is aware of the challenges and obstacles you face ahead of the biggest change the industry has ever seen.

By taking part in the NDIS Readiness Survey, you can assess current market conditions and examine how prepared they are. The results will offer you valuable insights into the readiness of the sector. It’ll help you capitalise on emerging opportunities and develop strategies for the challenges ahead.

Key Questions you should consider when assessing technology: 

  1. Is your organisation prepared to manage dealings with Government portals?
  2. Does your organisation have a market ready Customer Relationship Management platform in place?
  3. Can your systems track work performed and issue invoices quickly (within 48 hours of service delivery)?
  4. Does your organisation have a communication system in place that allows fast interaction with all front line employees?
  5. Can your organisation capitalise on online service and content delivery chances?
  6. Do you have the capability to collect and analyse data to inform operational performance?
  7. Do you have the capability to analyse data to inform future strategy?

How are you overcoming the NDIS milestones and preparing for July?

Please connect/email me if you have any questions regarding your technology strategy or NDIS roll out plans.