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5 steps to NDIS Readiness

20 April 2017

In this new operating environment, your strategy will have a significant bearing on your success and survivability. While some providers will look to execute on strategies to maximise their existing foothold in the market, others will need to go through considerable change in order to be in a position to compete.

Thematically, the NDIS is about disruption and a changed business model. BDO has identified five steps to consider when determining your strategy to respond to the new operating environment.

5 things every NDIS provider needs to consider now

  1. Know the Market
  2. Set your strategy
  3. Finding value in an NDIS market
  4. Decide on road map
  5. Understand the value in being agile.

Let your strategy drive your NDIS readiness program

The BDO NDIS readiness survey and report, identified six core areas to focus on to gain the greatest impact. We can partner with you to deliver a number of transformation initiatives as your organisation seeks to prepare for the NDIS transition or remain competitive within the new operating environment. Your overall strategy will drive which areas of your business to transform, when and by how much.

BDO’s dedicated team can help set you up for success with the NDIS. Get in touch to find out how we can help. Register your appointment with our NDIS specialist.

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