AADA Dealer Attitude Survey Results

16 May 2016

Mark Ward , National Leader, Automotive, Partner, Business Services |

Mark Ward presented the results of the 2015 Dealer Attitude’s Survey at the AADA National Dealer Convention. This survey collated the responses of over 300 Dealers in relation to the four pillars of the franchise model; the current state of play, whether the current model is sustainable, Dealers’ investment in their facilities and their vision for the future.

The AADA wanted to analyse the relationship between Dealers and manufacturers in the hopes of identifying which areas of the relationship work well and those that can improve. This survey was done in a similar fashion to those conducted by AADA’s sister organisations, namely NADA in the United States and NFDA in the United Kingdom.

It was found that Dealers had an attitude of general optimism, with some dealerships reporting a higher level of satisfaction in certain areas than others.