Case Study:

Building an elite success story

28 June 2019


Elite Building and Renovations was founded in 2014 by Director Tom Saunders with the aim of becoming Adelaide’s builder of choice. They offer a suite of residential services, including custom new homes, extensions, renovations and rescue builds.

Tom is a 3rd generation builder, from an extended family of tradespeople, including master painters, sculptors and builders. His passion for the industry has been built since the age of 12 and is the foundation of Elite’s success story:

“In founding Elite, I started on the tools, getting my hands dirty, plying my trade and leaving the business work to nights and weekends. I now focus on business planning, sales and team development – but can still be found pouring a slab here or there! I love providing the best possible experience for our clients and bringing the vision for their home to life”, he says.

Even with passion, years of experience in the industry, exposure to business and a solid understanding of the market, many businesses will fall at the first hurdle without the benefit of sound advice and a clear, longer term goal.

Realising goals takes solid planning, says Tom: “A goal without a plan is just a wish. Ensure you invest adequate time and resources into planning and surround yourself with professionals who can guide you through the challenges you will face.”

BDO’s Angus Strachan has worked with Elite since inception and says “for any business starting out, the key is to keep your eye on the longer term prize. If the business goals don’t align with your personal aims, you can very quickly come undone. Making sure you’re clear on the direction you’re going and keeping that front of mind can make all the difference.”

Having the right team and support structure in place has meant Elite has gone from strength to strength, coming runner up in BDO’s Fast Movers competition in 2018, tripling their full time workforce and growing their turnover by an average of over 200% per year.

“Consulting with BDO and our Advisory Board regarding our financial structure and continuous improvements to our budgeting and cash flow forecasting gives us the opportunity to minimise the hardship during operational troughs” says Susan, Elite, General Manager.

“Having a board of appropriately skilled industry professionals gives us access to a brains trust who give honest, educated and unbiased opinions regarding all facets of the business. We have the benefit of wisdom through lessons learnt without having to endure the hardship of those lessons ourselves.”

While passion has certainly formed the foundation of Elite’s success, it is quality of service, trusted advice, clear goal setting and planning that has allowed them to build the thriving business they are today.

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