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Corporate Growth & Executive Remuneration – Employee Share Scheme: Making the most of a new era

02 March 2016

Adele Townsend, Partner, Tax |

Employee share schemes can deliver real value for companies and their employees.

Our tax experts have deciphered the tax changes that came into effect in July 2015, outlining how companies of all types can make the most of the more flexible taxation approach to employee share schemes.

Whether your company has an existing scheme, is thinking about introducing one, or is not sure whether one would suit its needs, this eBook will provide greater clarity for the decision making process.

The eBook includes:

  • Practical examples of the application of the new tax laws
  • Key planning and implementation considerations for different types of companies
  • Insight into why a holistic view of executive remuneration is the best approach.

Find out today whether your existing or planned employee share scheme structure is delivering the most benefit for your company and its employees.