The Australian Trusted Trader Program

01 January 2019

What is the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program?

ATT is a regulatory framework based on partnership and shared responsibility between the Australian Border Force (ABF) and international traders.

It is a trade facilitation initiative aimed at streamlining border operations and processes for businesses that have been approved as low risk traders.

It is designed for importers, exporters and supply chain participants and provides preferential treatment and compliance incentives.

Businesses that become Trusted Traders (TT) are recognised internationally and rewarded with a range of trade facilitation benefits.

What are the ATT requirements (“core criteria”)?

  • Demonstrated financial health and the presence of a business control environment
  • Trade compliance records showing low error rates
  • Secure and complete communication and storage of information
  • Supply chain management processes and security focus

What are the benefits available via ATT?

  • Monetary – reduction in landed cost.
  • Business Efficiency – reduction in (off wharf) delivery time
  • Compliance and administration ease - reduced administration and reliance on service providers
  • Relationships – ‘platinum service’ from ABF officials.

What ATT business opportunities does BDO deliver?

  • Analysis of current trade processes (including compliance and supply chain security)
  • Assessment of the gap between current and ATT core criteria
  • Implementation of processes to fulfil criteria
  • Completion of ATT application documents
  • Ongoing improvement and compliance maintenance.