BDO Quick Poll - Countdown to Budget 2017/18

11 April 2017

More than 1,200 Australian taxpayers participated in BDO’s Quick Poll – Countdown to Budget 2017/18, which was their opportunity to send the Government a message about the critical issues impacting individuals and businesses.

Issues they were asked about include the tax reform process, corporate tax rates, housing affordability, negative gearing, CGT discounts, and R&D tax incentives.

Key findings from the Poll include:

  • 83% of respondents agreed the Government should reintroduce a broad tax reform process that covers both Federal and State taxes. This aligns with the results from BDO’s Tax Reform Surveys which were conducted annually from 2012 to 2016
  • 70% of respondents agreed the Federal Government should introduce tax changes to ease housing affordability
  • 61% agreed the GST rate should be increased and/or the GST base broadened to enable State Governments to abolish stamp duties and/or other inefficient state taxes
  • 70% agreed the Government should simplify the tax issues for SME businesses.

Download Poll results

BDO Tax Partner Mark Molesworth has now captured the key findings of the Poll in the below video.

The upcoming Budget will be released at an interesting time in the political and economic cycle and, based on the results from the Poll, this is an important opportunity for the Government to stabilise Australia’s future for families and businesses.

BDO will release a comprehensive response to the 2017/18 Federal Budget, which will be available on our website on the morning of 10 May 2017.

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