• Edwards Group
Case Study:

Edwards Group

03 June 2022

The Edwards Group own and operate seven premier tourism and lifestyle properties across South Australia, employing more than 60 staff.

A family owned and operated business, the group is a diverse organisation focused on constant improvement, innovation, and providing excellent customer service.

The group’s existing access to important business metrics across caravan park operations, financial performance, KPI tracking and online engagement was difficult, time consuming and didn’t provide the insights they needed.

The Group wanted to access comprehensive insights and metrics from a single, digital platform with automated notifications and the ability to generate useful reports, dashboards, and alerts.

As existing clients of our Tourist Park team, Edwards Group turned to BDO for a solution and found that Parki, our business intelligence tool, fit the bill.

Integrations from popular cloud-based accounting and property management systems, in addition to social media platforms and others, meant that Parki could pull the required information into one, easy to use location for the entire business group. 

Other features of the Parki platform which met their needs included:

  • User-friendly design
  • Email notifications to provide high-level, business critical information on a daily basis
  • The ability to display real-time data on TV screens in group offices
  • Comprehensive dashboards for deeper analysis and understanding of performance and trends
  • A sophisticated permission system allowing various levels of log-ins – so team members could access the right information for their role, and no more than required.

Edwards Group CEO, Stephen Edwards, says Parki has provided the business with critical insights at a time when they made all the difference.

“The information from our Parki reports has made it clear where we are succeeding, and where we need to improve – this has been essential as we’ve faced the difficulties and impacts of COVID on our industry.”

“In addition, the industry insights and benchmarking data we can now access has given us an understanding of where we sit in comparison to other parks, and how we can perform better.”

The Parki team have provided ongoing support, training and updates to Edwards Group in response to their needs and also offered custom data projects and integrations where required.

“We are proud to be continually at the forefront of innovation in our industry and the team at BDO has the same mindset – they understand our needs and provide the expertise and tools, including Parki, we need to help achieve our goals”, says Stephen.

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