• New Brisbane Partners 2017

Growing our capability, so you continue to succeed

“Our Partners are committed to delivering exceptional service for every client, every day.”

Tony Schiffmann, Managing Partner, BDO Brisbane

Agility is key in a world that doesn’t stand still - both for us as advisers and for our clients.

The business landscape is constantly changing, not to mention the technology that supports it; the risks it creates; and more importantly the vast opportunities it presents. We understand the fundamentals required to gain operational efficiencies can also be the difference between leading the market or being left behind.

It is with great pleasure to announce this year’s new Brisbane Partners and Executive and Associate Directors. This year’s group add to our depth of experience, bringing cutting-edge knowledge and skills, allowing us to keep you ahead of the ‘ever-moving’ curve.

We invite you to connect and learn more about our newest Brisbane Partners and their BDO journey so far. This short video gives you an overview of who they are and what they bring to the firm.


Andrew Howard – Partner, Forensic Services
Daniel Clark – Partner, Consulting
Cristian Ulloa – Partner, Human Capital
Kerri-Ann Smee – Partner, Business Services, Tax & Advisory
Richard Swaby – Partner, Audit
Shannon Rowe – Partner, Business Services, Tax & Advisory
Sharnie Mitchell – Partner, Tax
Guy Taylor - Partner, Private Wealth

Executive & Associate Directors

Fahim Khondaker – Associate Director, Data Analytics
Mark Ingham – Executive Director, Corporate Finance
William Sinclair – Associate Director, Business Services, Tax & Advisory