BDO Australia Partner named as new Global Fintech Leader: Tim Aman

30 August 2019

A BDO Australia Partner has been named as the new Global Fintech leader for the firm.

Tim Aman, National Financial Services Leader and Sydney Audit Partner, will now lead the global Fintech strategy for BDO.

Grant Saxon, BDO’s Sydney Managing Partner said: “Tim’s appointment will further cement BDO’s position as a leader in Fintech, drawing on our skills and experience working in the Financial Services and Technology sectors.”

“Banks and investment houses are investing heavily in technology-based solutions, but technological innovation is driving strong competition from contemporary fintech companies.

“BDO’s role is to assist clients to navigate the fast-moving global environment for start-ups and established providers.”

Tim Aman said with the global fintech market, estimated to be worth approximately USD 305.7 billion by 2023*, a global approach to the sector was needed.

“Fintechs are heavily influenced by regulatory systems within their jurisdiction but there are many similarities and shared learnings across the world, so it’s important for BDO to have a global approach to the sector.

“As the macroeconomic landscape changes, some of the key disruptions we see facing the sector include: digital challenger banks, lending platforms, payment service providers, digital wallets, cryptocurrency companies and data aggregators all innovating the sector. 

"Technologies such as blockchain, open banking, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are driving innovation in the sector in new ways and we are motivated to support and play a part in the future of financial services.

“The USA, Australia, Israel and the UK all encourage fintech innovation and have a healthy appetite for growth. BDO will be looking to work in these particular markets in the next 12 months.”

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