Nod & BDO Australia partner to deliver automated document creation and compliance

25 July 2019

BDO in Sydney has today announced it has partnered with Nod, a document automation and compliance software platform.

Nod will leverage its cutting-edge technology to assist BDO in Sydney’s, Superannuation team, in developing Statement of Advice documents to improve efficiency.

Analytics on the documents produced will then be used to ensure adherence to BDO’s rigorous quality standards and external regulatory guidelines.

The partnership between Nod and BDO in Sydney demonstrates how latest technology is being used to help staff provide additional value-adding advice to their clients.

Commenting on the partnership, Mark Wilkinson, Partner, Superannuation, BDO in Sydney said: “Partnering with Nod delivers on our commitment to innovation and helps us to deliver extra benefits to our clients.

“We look forward to having the ability to free up our staff, through the use of this new technology, so they can focus on providing more in-depth advice to clients based on the analytics captured by the automation process.”

While process efficiency is a major benefit of the Nod platform, BDO can also expect to experience enhanced document quality and reporting on compliance with regulations and standards. 

Joel Robbie, CEO, Nod, said: “With Nod’s data-driven document generation, the BDO team will be able to quickly create Statements of Advice - but more importantly, they will have far more comfort around the quality of those regulatory documents and gain a significant amount of control over the content, which is a feature absent from standard word processing software.

“This could not be more important in the current regulatory environment.”