• #BDOAuditorProud

We’re Celebrating #BDOAuditorProud Day

25 September 2019

Today we’re celebrating #BDOAuditorProud Day – a time to recognise the value of the audit profession around the globe.

The auditing profession is one that continues to evolve as we are in the midst of an exciting, yet challenging period. A constant that will always remain, however, are the core principles and deep-rooted fundamentals of auditing - a universal language that can be traced back to ancient civilisations of China, Egypt and Greece in the form of checking activities. Derived from the Latin term ‘Audire’ which means ‘to hear’; the first recorded auditors were the spies of King Darius of ancient Persia (522 to 486 B.C.). These auditors acted as the ‘King’s ears’ checking on the behaviour of provincial governors. ‘Modern’ auditing then began in 1844 when the British Parliament passed the Joint Stock Companies Act.

To be an auditor is to be part of something special. A globally recognised, respected profession which continues to evolve, but is steeped in tradition and continues to apply core principles that were founded thousands of years ago.

Here’s a sample of why we are #BDOAuditorProud and passionate about what we do:

Tim Kendall, National Leader, Audit & Assurance

Auditors play a critical role in ensuring investors can be both confident and informed in the decisions they’re making and in safeguarding our capital markets. There has been debate of late regarding the role of auditors, with questions about audit relevance. I am unequivocally #BDOAuditorProud and see this as an opportunity to rise to the challenge. Auditors help to keep markets fair and efficient by ensuring the quality and trustworthiness of financial reporting and at BDO we’re excited about the future of the Audit. Technology and intelligent analytics are transforming and innovating the audit space and advances in client communication like our BDO Client Portal are fostering seamless collaboration, regardless of job type, team or geographical location. As we have in the past, we will adapt and change to meet new expectations and ensure that audit continues to remain valuable and relevant. #BDOAuditorProud


Jane Bowen, National Leader, Audit Quality

I’m #BDOAuditorProud because my career as an auditor has not only provided me with the opportunity to travel and work across the world, but it has and still is providing a very exciting and varied career. I can honestly say there are no two days the same, whether it is supporting engagement teams to resolve a challenging technical question, brainstorming how we can change and innovate the way we do audit with the use of technology to drive audit quality, or engaging with the standard setters to influence the audit agenda. Every conversation is exciting and different. Most of all though, it is about the people, the teams you work in and the friends you make along the way.


Evan Ng, Manager, Audit & Assurance, Brisbane

My secondment to the London office was definitely a highlight in my career path and also an unforgettable experience. I was lucky enough to work in the Natural Resources sector, which has taught me so much about a mining company. Throughout my time with the London office, I was given the opportunity to lead international engagements which require dealing with clients and BDO member firms in Europe and Africa. BDO London even flew me to Tanzania in East Africa for 2.5 weeks to work with the local BDO team and that showed me truly how global BDO network is.


Leah Russell, Partner, Audit & Assurance, Sydney

Stereotypically auditors are behind the scenes people. For what we do is not about us as a person, but rather the value we provide to the economy. We enable investors and owners of business to have confidence in the financial numbers for which they base decisions on. This makes for a great day at work as no two days are the same, as we engage with people face to face, and to see how people have amazing ideas that they turn into a successful business. I’ve witnessed this in the not-for-profit sector and am truly inspired. Client’s often come to us with their new ideas and I particularly enjoy the challenge of devising an auditing solution to ensure accuracy. I really enjoy the travel too – my role has taken me to work in the UK for a few years and to collaborate with colleagues in many countries including China, Malaysia and all around Australia. We are often working from client offices, so are often on the go. Audit is a progressive field, the way we audit today is vastly different to the early 2000’s. We are a group of people who are always looking to enhance and ensure that we stay up to date.


Linh Dao, Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance, Adelaide

It’s not much of a secret how much I love audit. I started over 10 years ago and have never looked back or regretted my decision to take this career path.

3 things I enjoy the most about audit are:

  • The privilege of having insight into the client’s business: There are so many stories to be told and lessons to be learned from each business, and we get to experience them first hand from the inside out. This is just incredible. (I drove a tractor for the first time ever while auditing a motor dealership many years ago, I don’t think my Dad could have been any prouder).
  • The connection with people: I enjoy going out to see my clients and chatting about ‘what’s new?’. No Client is the same, and every day going to work is different too. Having had a number of international engagements, I have had the opportunity to get in touch with our offices and people all over the world - Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Dubai, London and Moldova just to name a few. I didn’t even know that we had an office in Liechtenstein - but we do.
  • And last but not least, the team spirit: Working in audit means that though I can work independently, I will never be alone. I support a team and I have a team to support me. And this sense of belonging is one of the reasons that keep me going and aiming to become ‘better’ every day.

Adam Borensztajn

Adam Borensztajn, Auditor, Audit & Assurance, Melbourne

Each day is different in Audit. I soon found out that Audit involves a lot of client work, and it is this aspect of Audit that I really enjoy. I particularly enjoy working with not-for-profit organisations, as they're not your stereotypical business. Instead of looking at revenue, we investigate how these companies can win government grants and other funding, whilst also making sure they are using that funding correctly. I find this line of work to be different and something that really challenges me, and I love that you're not at the same desk every day. Most days you are out and visiting a variety of clients, no two days are the same.


Sheila Bulandran, Senior Manager, Internal Audit, Perth

I had an amazing opportunity to work in Mozambique with people from around the globe and being part of Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) Joint Venture Audit team. I learned so much about culture, processes, regulations, accounting treatment, service agreements, types of joint ventures, engineering, procurement, contracts, material management and more about the oil and gas industry. I made new friendships over the two weeks I was there. I’m so glad to be part of the BDO in Perth audit team.