• Transaction Advisory Services

    Guiding you through the integration process.


Transaction advisory

Acquiring a company is a complex and often challenging process - one that continues well after the deal is finalised. Post-merger integration, if not handled properly, can result in unforeseen and often unnecessary setbacks and business disruption.

BDO draws upon deep experience guiding clients through post-merger integration processes in strategy development, project planning and identifying and realising business synergies.

Our consultants provide both financial and operational guidance, helping to bring new companies on board smoothly and efficiently. We develop recommendations, guidelines and plans, and support clients in full implementation. Our wide range of services include:

  • Early integration planning (identify shortlist of critical things across markets, culture, processes, technology and workforce)
  • Integration execution (prioritise where integration matters to maximise value)
  • Divestiture and separation planning and execution.

BDO also works to identify strategies for ongoing improved performance and success.