• Manage your financial reporting risk

    Understand the differing views between your Finance Team and Board.


Understand the differing views between your Finance Team and Board

In these challenging times, many of our clients are struggling to manage their financial reporting risk and the potentially detrimental impact that can have on their business.

We are conducting a review to better understand this, including the differing views between Finance Teams and Boards.

We would like to ask for your assistance to complete this Risk Review. If you participate:

  1. You will get a copy of your own assessment at the end of the Risk Review, which you can use immediately within your own organisation to drive further discussion and decision-making around financial reporting risk.
  2. We will also share with you the key insights from all participants’ responses once the review is complete.

Your responses, and those of your peers, will allow us to provide back to you valuable insights, including:

  • Which financial reporting risks are common to many organisations like your own
  • Which risks Finance Teams and Boards feel will have the most significant impact on their organisations
  • What you should be doing to effectively manage those risks.

It’s app-based (so done from your phone) and should take about 5-10 minutes. Please access the Review via the below link, which takes place in the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams app.


  1. The assessment is app-based so you must use your mobile phone, not a PC.
  2. Using your mobile phone, click on the required assessment link which takes place in the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams app.


  3. The link will take you to the App Store to download the 6clicks app
  4. Sign up using your name and email
  5. You will be asked for a team name – enter a name that makes sense for this type of assessment within your own organisation

  6. You will be taken straight to the relevant Risk Review
  7. Complete the following two steps:
  • Identify the risks that are relevant to your team and business (swipe right/left for include/exclude)
  • Assess each risk for likelihood and impact.

And you’re done. View your results in the insights section to get a firmer grasp on the risks that affect your financial reporting.

Share the assessment with other members of your team to compare views, reach consensus and make data-driven decisions.