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Whatever the size or experience of your business, there’s a growing need to better understand your options for growth. BDO can help you succeed both domestically and internationally. Here’s how we have helped and continue to help Silk Oil of Morocco in expanding their domestic and export business.


As a Director of an Australian based family business, Shirley Piscina, of Silk Oil of Morocco was looking for Government assistance to continue to develop her innovative product formulations.

After such a fascinating journey developing an Argan oil based, vegan hair and skin care range, Shirley was looking to expand her existing domestic and export into new markets.


After being referred to BDO she discovered she was, not only was she eligible for research and development incentives, but also export market development grants.

Having BDO’s experienced R&D team on hand to provide relevant advice and clear communication, meant a stress free engagement for Shirley. With this help Shirley discovered she was eligible for both research and development incentives and export market development grants. Nicola and Shirley have developed a strong and trusting relationship. One that has seen the successful expansion of Silk Oil of Morocco into Europe and now the US - one of over 150 countries where BDO has an already established network.


“Nicola Purser and the team at BDO have provided amazing advice and guidance enabling us to continue our exporting journey. I see them as an integral part of our future growth and expansion.”

Shirley Piscina, Director, Silk Oil of Morocco

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